Dr. Stauber’s Upper Cervical Care- Non-surgical, no cracking, no popping


Precision Upper Cervical Care

Migraines, pinched nerves, neck and shoulder pain, high blood pressure and hypertension. Is it any surprise that thousands of people all over suffer from one or more of these symptoms? Even less surprising is the fact that few people in this city know that a simple, non-invasive solution could change their lives.

Fibromyalgia and neck trauma

Anyone diagnosed with fibromyalgia knows years of pain, crazy diets, pain meds,  sleep problems, digestive disorders, mood swings, balance problems, brain fog and frustration.   Fibro patients find themselves stuck, hopeless and often times dismissed as crazy.  More and more research is connecting upper neck trauma with fibromyalgia symptoms.  When the upper neck is injured, it can alter the pain receptors and the bodies ability to feel proper pain.  Fibro patients can have what is referred to as “central sensitization”.  This is an over reactive nervous system that may wreak havoc on everything.  Chronic pain and fatigue are often the biggest symptoms.  Dr Stauber is trained to treat misalignments to the upper cervical spine and in doing so can give fibromyalgia patients new life as their quality of life improves and symptoms are reduced.  If you haven’t had your neck corrected after an injury by a doctor specifically trained in “upper cervical” methods the best time to start is now.  Call us today for a better tomorrow.  If your fibro pain is the result of an upper cervical injury that was never corrected, once corrected, your world can become a whole new place. 

Is your head on straight?

Our 2-ounce C-1 vertebrae, or atlas bone, supports the entire human head which can weigh 9 to 17 pounds. The atlas is located directly under the head, connecting the head to the rest of the spine. Because of it’s proximity to the brain and brain stem, the atlas must be aligned perfectly under the skull to ensure there is no pressure at the base of the brain. The atlas supports the weight of the head in the neutral or orthogonal position.

office pictures 053Misalignment to the atlas can create problems at the base of the neck leading to symptoms associated with:

• fibromyalgia • sleep disturbances
• insomnia • carpal tunnel
• irritable bowel• headaches • neck pain
• migraines
• low back pain
• numbness and tingling
• depression and anxiety

So what could this mean to you?  Bumps, falls, stress, car accidents, sports injuries, even the birth process can create problems at the atlas, however , a misaligned atlas is not likely to show up in most medical tests. Relieving pain and sickness causing pressure, where the head meets the neck.  Call now to have an upper cervical exam. Thousands of patients have gotten well with the help of upper cervical care.