Thousands of People Suffer from Meniere's Symptoms

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In the United States, there are an estimated 615,000 people with Ménière’s disease, and more than 45,000 new cases are diagnosed each year. Hundreds of thousand of patients all over the world are affected by a condition that they have no idea how to fix.  Nausea, vomiting, severe balance and coordination issues, and horrible ringing in the ear(s) are some of Meniere’s symptoms. How did this all start? The very second tissue damage occurs (car accidents, fights, concussions, physical abuse) to areas in the upper neck and head, the protective coating around nerves, blood vessels, muscles and bones can become damaged.  This damage sets off vital alert signals triggering symptoms and damage control to protect the brain and spinal cord.  The bigger the damage, the bigger the response. This triggers the body to fix and stabilize the damaged tissue by hardening and reinforcing this protective layering. Ensuring no damaged gets to the brain an or spinal cord.  This “hardening” process creates scar tissue. Much like velcro. Areas of tissue that once moved independently of each other, now become entangled, congested and snagged.  This severely compromises the health of the nerves, blood vessels and other fluids that are required to communicate with the brain. When this damaged tissue remains untreated, as it often does, dysfunction to these sensors gets worse and worse over time.  What typically starts as mild episode of dizziness, progresses into full blown vertigo attacks with severe vomiting.  Most patients with Meniere’s become aware of small signals warning them that an attack may soon be coming.  Medications, exercises, and various treatments often lead patients down a path of depression and frustration, all while anxiety, stress, nausea, vomiting and vertigo all seem to get worse. How it works The Stauber procedure works by effectively remodeling and reorganizing the tissue that has been damaged. Pressure is taken off compressed sensors in the head and neck, allowing to symptoms stop.  “Turning off” the distress signals and stopping the viscous cycle of symptoms. Providing much needed relief to an overburdened system.  The remodeling process reorganizes the tissue so pressure stays off.  Your body is now free to move in ways that will reinforce proper movement patterns, strengthening and building a healthy body.  
Nauseau, vomiting, headaches.  You changed my life.  Thank you. Amalia Spiga

Toronto, Ontario

I can’t believe how good I feel.  I have tried everything… Sarah Kanerva

Sudbury, Ontario

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