Meniere’s Disease

Thousand of patients all over the world are affected by a condition that they have no idea how to fix.  Nausea, vomiting, severe balance and coordination issues, and horrible ringing in the ear(s) are some of Meniere’s symptoms.  When tissue damage occurs (car accidents, fights, concussions, physical abuse) to areas in the upper neck and skull, sensors that control things like balance and coordination, digestion, blood pressure and breathing are inconspicuously affected.  When this damaged tissue remains untreated, as it often does, dysfunction to these sensors gets worse and worse over time.  What typically starts as mild episode of dizziness, progresses into full blown vertigo attacks with severe vomiting.  Most patients with Meniere’s become aware of small signals warning them that an attack may soon be coming.  Medications, exercises, and various treatments often lead patients down a path of depression and frustration, all while anxiety, stress, nausea, vomiting and vertigo all seem to get worse.

The Stauber Procedure for Meniere’s Symptoms

Dr. Stauber’s success in relieving the symptoms of Meniere’s have made him a leader in his field.  Meniere’s is a very serious problem that requires serious and very specific treatment that will targets it’s root causes.  The Stauber Procedure is clinically designed to treat the Root causes of Menieres;  the DAMAGED TISSUE.

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