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Facial Pain, Headaches, Brain Fog, Balance Issues, Visual Disturbances

In 2017 I lost 7 months of work due to agonizing facial pain, headaches, extreme brain fog, constant dizziness/balance issues, visual disturbances, neck pain, fatigue, sleep disturbances and muscle pain. I was put on several different medications and went to physiotherapy with dry needling for a full year and although it helped with muscle tightness I was still a mess. I couldn’t be in a bright room or outside because the light impacted me so negatively. I had a discectomy and fusion at my C 6-7 approximately 5 years ago so was accustomed to neck pain but nothing of this magnitude and with so many varied symptoms. Due to the dizziness, I couldn’t drive so lost my independence. I saw several specialists and they kept giving me medication which I did not tolerate well.

As a last resort I thought I would try another chiropractor which led me to Dr. Stauber after seeing some testimonials online. Within 5 treatments with Dr. Stauber, I started getting clarity. My facial pain went 95% away. I started having energy again and was able to sleep through the night without waking up every 45 minutes from pain. My visual disturbances went away. In fact today I had an eye test and no longer need the prism lenses I had to get last year due to the poor binocular vision I developed. I can only assume that once my cranial nerves were released by Dr. Stauber’s treatment, my optic nerve healed.

To say Dr. Stauber gave me my life back would be an understatement. I am at work, driving and enjoying life…I am off all medications. Dr. Stauber has given me exercises that I do at home to keep my spine and tissues healthy. He was able to re-align my top two vertebrae when no other practitioner could.

I am grateful we have someone with the skills of Dr. Stauber in Barrie and would highly recommend him to anyone who is suffering with a myriad of symptoms that no one else can fix. Thank you Dr. Stauber!


Oro Medonte, Ontario

Innovative Care

Created and developed by Dr. Aaron Stauber, The Stauber Procedure, is a hands-on treatment, strategically designed to restore and reconfigure damaged, poorly shaped, dysfunctional and painful tissue, to a more stable, flexible and healthy state. Damaged, as well as poorly shaped tissue is extremely detrimental, as it leads to the decline of health and structural breakdown in humans. Damage interferes with critical sensors to the brain and nervous system, often resulting in searing pain, balance issues, crippling stiffness and a greatly reduced quality of life.

Location, location, location The location and extent of damaged, and poorly shaped tissue often determines the severity of problems.  For example,people with Meniere’s disease (balance, vertigo, vomiting, fullness in head, ears, etc.), migraines or chronic pain, often have a history of neck and/or head trauma.  Could be an old car accident, a concussion, abusive relationship or any other accident.  Because of it’s location (closeness) to the brain and brainstem, this damage affects the sensors that control things like pain perception, balance and coordination, digestion, and breathing.  It’s no coincidence so many things go wrong when you hurt your neck.  Damaged and unhealthy tissue can occur any wherein the body.  It’s location in the body will often dictate just how severe the symptoms will be.

Gravity and Accidents Break us down!

Unless you live in space, modern day living alone, including the use of cell phones, chronic computer and screen time and the compressive effects of gravity break us down daily.  Bad posture, sore necks and shoulders, migraines, searing back pain and herniated discs are just a few of problems that arise from modern living and the compressive forces of gravity.  Throw in injuries, car accidents, concussions and countless other traumas and you have a recipe for pain, misery, and dysfunction.

Success in Treatment:  More than just RELIEF! The Stauber Procedure is known for it’s success in treating conditions such as Meniere’s disease, concussions, migraines/headaches, crippling low back pain, herniated discs, neck and shoulder ailments, as well as scoliosis and postural distortions. It provides not just pain relief,but restoration and a re-creation to damaged and dysfunctional tissue.  The Procedure re-programs body movements and transforms postures to be structurally and mechanically strong.  It relieves the pain causing tension and pressure from the critical sensors in our nervous system. Benefits include reduction and/or complete eradication of symptoms, improved flexibility and stability as well as transformed posture.

What makes The Stauber Procedure Different?

What sets the Stauber Procedure apart from other therapies is it’s ability to strategically reshape and remodel the body’s connective tissue at the core.  In other words, the very glue and matrix that casts and creates your spinal form and shape. This allows tension to be removed from the nervous system, muscles the ability to relax, and the body, a new ability to be renovated to an ideal position.

How long are treatments?

While many treatments last just minutes, the Stauber Procedure often requires 60 minute treatment sessions.

Will the treatment hurt? Dr. Stauber designed the Procedure so that NO CRACKING, POPPING OR UNCOMFORTABLE MANIPULATIONS allow patients to comfortably and gently receive care without the fear of having their bodies jerked or twisted in an uncomfortable manner.


My friend recommended Dr. Stauber to me.  I have dealt with chronic neck problems since suffering a car accident in my teens.  His approach is not aggressive or invasive.  He doesn’t “crack” my neck and back, he gently maneuvers it.  I am also sleeping better at night, which is an added bonus.  I have sent many friends and family to Dr. Stauber and they are all very grateful.

Patti Connors

Santa Barbara, California

Scoliosis and self esteem

I came to Dr. Stauber on the recommendation of a family member, not really knowing what to expect.  I had surgery to reduce my scoliosis 12 years ago, but even after my surgery my spine has remained somewhat twisted and uneven.

With a portion of my spine fused and titanium rods attached to it, I wasn’t sure there was much Dr. Stauber could do for me, but after just a couple of treatments, he straightened me out significantly.  I now feel like my body is pretty straight again and I am far less self-conscious to go to the beach.

Dr. Stauber has already helped me tremendously, and if he can help me, he can help anyone!

Jeff Degordick

St. Catherines, Ontario